Suhagraat With My Sister Anuradha


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Aug 28, 2013
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// Suhagraat With My Sister Anuradha

Hello friends, my name is Rohit and I am 20 years old and live in Delhi. I am a regular reader of ISS for last 2 years. I am narrating a true story of mine. Suhagraat with my own sister. First about my family. We live in Delhi. My family consists of my father, mother and my elder sister Anuradha (nick name Anu). My father is a retired person from a govt. service and now generally remains ill, mother is a school teacher. Anu has done graduation in medical science and is recently married.

Let me explain some biography of her. She is 27 years, tall girl 5'8'', fair color, long hair till knees, healthy body (gadraya hua jism), big tits and a massive ass (gaand). She resembles very much Bollywood heroine madhuri dixit. Now the story begins. Anu got married about 2 months back. Her husband is an army officer and currently posted in J&K. Her father-in-law is expired and mother-in-law is a housewife. Just a small family. They live in Amritsar (Punjab). It is just past 2 weeks when I got a chance to go to her house. Anu was missing all of us and constantly asking my parents to come there and meet her.

But as told my father as told is a retired person and do not move much outside. Mother is working. So they decided that Rohit will go to Amritsar and meet Anu. So I went to her house.

When I entered her house, she ran and hug me tightly and start sobbing. She was wearing a black color sari with a low cut blouse. Her hair were tied in a "jooda". Her white and smooth cleavage was clearly visible from outside. When she ran to huge me her boobs were bouncing like a football. When she hug me her boobs get badly pressed against my chest and I got an instant erection.

I was little bit ashamed as I did not have such type of feelings about her at that time. Anyhow I managed the situation. In between her mother-in-law brought some tea and snacks and we chat for some time. The whole day I saw Anu was not looking very happy as she should have been. Then at night we finished dinner and after that her mother-in-law went to sleep. Anu had already taken her permission to take me to her room for late night gossip. When I went to her room, she was wearing the same black sari and blouse she again hugged me tightly and start sobbing. Again her boobs pressed and I got erection in my pajama.

I didn't know what to do. Somehow I took her to bed and make her sit. Then I bring some water for her. She kept sobbing. Then I asked Anu what happen. Since morning I am seeing that you are not looking happy and keep on crying & sobbing. If your mother-in-law demands for anything. She said no no Rohit she is a very gentle and good lady. Then I said if it is Jijaji. She remain silent. I again and again asked but she remain silent. Then she said that I think my husband is a incapable person (napunsak). What? I said. She ashamed and said that leave this topic and we chat something else. But I force her to explain me in detail.

She said Rohit I cannot talk to you such things as I am your sister. But I insisted I want to know everything. Then she asked me for a promise that I will not tell to anybody else not even to our parents. I promised. Then she said that your jiju has gone to J&K about 1 week ago. He lived with me for about 1.5 months but we did not made any sexual relationship with each other. Then she buried her face in her hands and again started sobbing.

Listen the word sex, I also got aroused. I look at my sister and in that I saw not my sister but a sex starved lady (sex ki bhooki). My mind changed about her. Now I wanted my sister to be in my bed. And the situation was also in favor of me. Now I got closer to her and took her in my arms. Then I wiped her eyes and face. Then I said how you can say that jiju is a napunsak. I am also a boy. I have some questions in my mind and if you answer then we can conclude something. (Further I explain in Hindi for more enjoyment)

Me : kya kabhi usne tumhe abni bahon me liya

Didi : nahi

Me : kabhi tumhare rasbhare hoontho ko choosa

Didi : nahi

Me: Kabhi tumhare blouse a uppar se tumahari choochiyon ko dabaya

Didi : nahi

Me: Kabhi tumahre peticoat a under haath dalkar tumari kachhi ke upar se choot ko masla

Didi : nahi.

Ab tak aise baton se who bhi garam ho chuki thi aur siskiyan le rahi thi. Phir usne kaha please rohit aise batain mat kar mujhe kuch ho raha hai. Aur main to teri behen hoon. Tujhe sharma nahi aati apni behen se aise gandi batain karte hue. Please yahan se chala ja. Par mujhe to bahut maja aa raha tha apni behen ko tharak se tadapte hue. Phir maine use poocha.

Me : kabhi jijaji ne tumhe apna lauda dikha kar muth marvayi and choosene ke liye kaha.

Didi: ab to tharak se uski cheek nikal gayi. Aaaaaannnn uyi maa ouch.

Phir usne mujhe jor se pakda aur kehne lagi, rohit mere bhai ab bardasht nahi hota, please apni is bdi behen ko chod de. Mujhe apni behen mat samajh, mujhe a randi samajh and chod de mujhe. Maine ab control nahi kar paya. Maine apni behen ko apni bahon me bhar liya and uske hoonth choosne laga. Phir maine uski sari utar di aur blouse ke upar se choochiyon ko jor jor se dabane laga. Who dard se tadap uthi aur boli aaram se mere bhai. Par mujhe to uski siskiyon aur chikhon me maja aa raha tha. Maine aur jor jor se choochiyan dabana shuru kar di. Who ro padi aur apne ko chudane ki koshish karne lagi.

Phir maine uske lambe baal khole diye aur unhe jor se pakda aur kaha chal Sali kutiya raand aaj teri choot ki garmi nikalonga. Phir main use balloon se pakde hue bed par le gaya aur patak diya. Phir maine uska blouse utara aur bra bhi. Uski choochiyan ekdum safed aur tani hui thi. Nipple jaise ki kale angoor ke dane. Maine uske nipples ko choosna shuru kar diya. Who bhi maje lene lagi. Beech beech me main uske nipple ko kaat bhi leta aur who dard se tadap uthti. Uske chikhon se mera land aur tight ho jata.

Phir dhere dhere main use chatata hua neeche pet ki taraf aa gaya. Whoh tharak se bhari siskiyan le rahi thi aaaa-nnn uyi. Ab maine uske petociat ka nada pakda aur kholne laga. Usne mera haath pakad liya aur boli please mere bhai mujhe aur nangi mat kar main teri behen hoon mujhe sharma aa rahi hai. Par maine uski ek na suni aur uska petticoat utar diya. Ab mere behen mere samne bilkul nangi lete thi sirf ek kale rang ki kacchi me. Kacchi me se uski jhante saaf dikhayi de rahi thi. Maine kachii ke upparse hi uski choot ko jor se masal dala aur uski chikh nikal gayi uyeeeeeee--maa.

Phir maine uski kacchi bhi utar di. Ab maine uki choot ko chatna shuru kar diya. Who siskiyan lene lagi. Main apni jeebh uski choot me dal di and use jeebh se chodne laga. Phir maine apni do ungliyan uski choot me dali aur jor jor se uski muth mar di. Kuch hi der me who jor se chikh mar ke jhar gayi. Ab maine bhi apne sare kapde utar diya aur nanaga ho gaya. Anu abhi bed par hi nangi lete hui thi. Phir maine apni behen ko balon se pakda aur bed se niche khinch liya aur use kutiya banne ke liye kaha. Who apne dono hathon aur knees par zameen par baith gaye. Ab maine use kaha chal Sali kutiya raand behen ki lodi aa apne bhai ka lund choose.

Who kutiya ki tarah mera lund moonh me lekar choosne lagi. Maine ek haath se uske balon ko jor se pakad liya aur dosre haath se uski gori aur moti gaand par chhanta maarne laga. Jaise hi chanta padta who cheekh padti. Kafi chaante padne se uski gori gaand lal ho gayi thi. Mujhe bahut maja aa raha tha apni badi behen ko raandi ki tarah chodte hue. Ab main bus chotne hi wala tha. Phir maine uske moonh me apna sara ras chod diya aur use peen eke liya kaha. Who cold drink ki tarah sara ras pee gaye. Phir maine use balon se pakda aur study table par taange faila kar baithaya.

Phir dhere dhere se apna lund uski choot me ghoosaya. Who masti se jhoom uthi. Phir maine dhire dhire apni speed tej kardi aur jor jor se uski choot pelne laga. Who lagatar siskiyan le rahi thi aaaaaa--uyi maa mar gayi phat gayi mere choot chod mere bhai chod apni is randi behen ko kas kas kar chod mere choot ko bhosda bane de maine sare umar teri rakhail ban kar rahongi. Apne behen se aise gandi language sunkar mera lund aur tight ho gaya. Phir maine uski choot me sara ras chod diya. Ab maine use ulta kar diya aur ghodi bana diya. Main bola didi ab main tumari gaand maraonga. Phir maine apna thook uske gaand ke ched par lagaya aur thoda thook apne lund par bhi.

Phir dhere dhere uski gaand ke ched me lund ghoosane laga. Jaise hi mera poora lund uski gaand me ghoosa who jor se cheekh padi aaaaaaaa-mar gaye phat gagyi mere gaand. Uski cheekh shayad uski mother-in-law ke kamre tak bhi pahunch gayi aur unki awaj ayi anu kya hua sab thek hai. Didi ghabra gayi aur boli haan haan maa sab thek hai aap so jao. Phir who mujhse boli rohit please mere gaand mat mar mujhe bahut dardhota hai aur agar maa ko pata chal gaya ki maine apni sage bhai se chudva rahi hoon to mere bahut badnami hogi.

Par mere par to bhoot sawar that apni behen ki gaand marne. Maine phir use ghodi banaya aur lund ko ek hi jhatke mein uski gaand me pel diya. Uski cheekh na nikle isliye main ek haath se uske moonh band kar diya aur doosre haath se uske balon ko jor se pakad kar pakad liya. Mere badi behen mere bahon me dard se tadap rahi thi. Phir maine jor jor se jhatke marne shuru kar diye aur uski gaand marne laga. Who darad se chikhte rahi aur raham ki bhik mangti rahi. Lagbhag aadha ghata maine uski moti haathi jaise gaand mari aur uski gaand ke under hi choota gaya. Phir hum dono bed par let gaye. Didi dard se roh rahi thi. Maine uske nange badan ho apni bahaon me liya aur bola didi I am sorry but tumari moti gaand ko dekh kar maine control nahi kar paya.

Who rote rote mujhse lipat gaye phir main eek ungli uski choot me dali aur hum dono bahi behen nange hi bed par so gaye. Subah who jab uthi to kafi khush lag rahi. Phir maine use kaha ki didi kaise lagi appko apne bhai ke saath suhagraat. Usne masti se mere lund ko apne hath me pakad jor se daba diya aur meri chikh nikal gaye. Phir next day main apne ghar delhi wapas aa gaya. Ab hum dono phone par sirf tharak bhari aur sexy baatein karte hain. Phone par baat karte hue Who apne ghar me nangi ho jati hai aur main apne ghar me. Baatein karte karte who upni ungli se mooth marti hai aur main bhi upna lund haath me lekar apni behen ke naam par muth marta hoon. jab hun dobara milege toh sex karnge .


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